Al Matavao


Al Matavao


Nickname: The Sweetness
From: Pago, Pago
Fights out of: American Samoa
Height: 5’8
Weight: 205lbs
Class: Light Heavyweight
Affiliation: Legacy Jui Jitsui



Who do you train with?

Train with the best of the in the state of Alaska. Train with Niko Novelli ( Featherweight champ and former lightweight champ) Terrance Mitchell ( AFC Flyweight champ) Mika Fouvale ( former AFC HW champ) Jared Mazurek (former  AFC Bantamweight champ) Maika Graf ( former AFC MW champ) and ton of other fighters in the house.

What style flighting do you train?


When and why did you start training for fighting?

I started doing MMA not until like 4yrs ago but I started off being a boxer and I’ve been doing a lot of boxing with small promotion in Alaska. Why I start training? It was a good self defense at the time and I was motivated to keep going because I wanted to learn more. So my striking coach kept telling to keep coming and to start MMA so I did. Never thought I would like it but I end loving it! One of the main reason why I wanted to fight is because I want to use the platform to send out a message to all island people out there that like to cause trouble out in the street that THAT is not the answer to everything. Every where I fight I will always make a name for myself and my family and I want others to do the same and not doing stupid and bad decisions where it cause them their families and everything they have.


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Al Matavao