Martin Day


Martin Day


Nickname: “The Spartan”
From: Kailua(Oahu) HI
Fights out of: Kailua, (Oahu)Hawaii
Date of Birth: 1988.11.10
Age: 30
Height: 5’11
Weight: 136 lbs / Bantamweight
Amateur Record: 3-0
Affiliation: Hawaii Elite MMA



Who do you train with?

Hawai’i Elite MMA and Gracie Technics

What style flighting do you train?


When and why did you start training for fighting?

13 years old when I started TaeKwonDo

What ranks and titles have you held?

Destiny Ammy Bantamweight title, Destiny Ammy kickboxing title 145lbs, Destiny pro Kickboxing title 135lbs, URCC world champion 135

Do you have any heroes?

My parents

What is your favorite technique?

Kicking people in the head

How can people follow you? What’s your Facebook?

IG: 34Spartan Twitter: MartinDay_

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