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About X-1 World Events

X-1 World Events is a Hawaii – based mixed martial arts, (MMA), Kickboxing promotion which was launched in 2004 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Locally-owned and operated, X-1 has launched the careers of numerous elite fighters and featured some of the MMA world’s most talented fighters, including UFC, Pride, and Abu-Dhabi veterans such as former UFC champions Dan “The Beast” Severn and Ricco Rodriguez, UFC veterans Jeff Monson, Kimo Leopoldo, Chad “The Grinder” Reiner, “Sugar” Shane Nelson, Brandon Wolff, Wes “The Project” Sims, Ronald “The Machine Gun” Juhn, Wesley “Cabbage” Correira, Falaniko Vitale,  as well as Pride veterans Chris Brennan and Ron “H2O-Man” Waterman.

X-1 World Events has served as the stepping stones of the current MMA champions in different organizations like UFC – Max Holloway, One Championship – Angela Lee, One Championship – Christian Lee, and PFL – Ray Cooper III.

Current MMA fighters who also fought in X-1 World Events :

UFC Fighters – Tyson Nam, Punahele Soriano, Rachael Ostovich, Brad Tavares, Louis Smolka, Maki Pitolo, Russel Doane,

Bellator – Nainoa Dung, Zach Zane, Keoni Diggs

Invicta – Kailin Curran, Raquel Pa’aluhi Canuto and many more .


According to Mike Miller, X-1 World Events founder, his main reason for founding X-1 World Events is to help the fighters showcase their skills. He saw the potential of many fighters and how hard they train yet there was little to no promotion in Hawaii that holds fight events regularly. He believed that martial arts were Hawaii’s way of life since the beginning. Miller treasures the “cultural aspect” of MMA and worked hard to unite elite amateur and professional fighters from all over the islands, as well as in the mainland, and later from Japan.

X-1 World Events Past Events

56Mondala vs IngSaturday, September 14, 2019Filcom CenterWaipahu, HI
55Independence DayWednesday, July 3, 2019Filcom CenterWaipahu, HI
54Champions 4Saturday, April 27, 2019Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
52March MadnessFriday, March 22, 2019Filcom CenterWaipahu, HI
51One to RememberSaturday, January 19, 2019Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
502 Nights of Fights Day 2Saturday, August 4, 2018Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
502 Nights of Fights Day 1Saturday, August 3, 2018Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
49Grand Prix 2018Saturday, April 7, 2018Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
48Braddah vs FelonySaturday, August 12, 2017Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
47Mahe vs LopezSaturday, June 24, 2017Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
46Armed & DangerousSaturday, April 29, 2017Maui War Memorial ComplexWailuku, HI
45LiveSaturday, January 28, 2017Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
44X-1 ReturnsSaturday, September 26, 2014Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
43Jara vs VitaleFriday, September 26, 2014Aloha StadiumHonolulu, HI
42Mayhem at the Mansion 4Saturday, February 16, 2013Kilohana MansionKauai, HI
41Rumble at the ResortSaturday, March 3, 2012Kauai Beach ResortKauai, HI
40UnstoppableFriday, September 23, 2011The Waterfront Aloha TowerHonolulu, HI
39Mike Balasi vs Van Oscar PenovaroffTuesday, August 16, 2011
38CrossfireSaturday, August 13, 2011Aloha TowerHonolulu, HI
37DominationFriday, July 22, 2011The Waterfront Aloha TowerHonolulu, HI
36Champions 3Saturday, March 12, 2011Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
35HeroesSaturday, September 11, 2010Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
34Island PrideSaturday, November 6, 2010Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
33Showdown in Waipahu 3Saturday, August 7, 2010Waipahu HighschoolHonolulu, HI
32Showdown in Waipahu 2Saturday, May 15, 2010Waipahu HighschoolHonolulu, HI
31Nations CollideFriday, June 4, 2010Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
30Champions 2Saturday, March 20, 2010Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
29Showdown in Waipahu 1Sunday, January 2, 2017Waipahu HighschoolHonolulu, HI
28Lights Out Kona 2Saturday, November 21, 2009Kekuaokalani GymKailua-Kona, HI
27Scuffle on Schofield 2Saturday, November 7, 2009Schofield BarracksHonolulu, HI
26Scuffle on Schofield 1Saturday, July 25, 2009Tropics Receation CenterHonolulu, HI
25Hyatt vs Penovaroff Kona 1Saturday, May 9, 2009Kekuaokalani GymKailua-Kona, HI
24Temple of Boom 5Saturday, April 11, 2009Palolo Hongwanji TempleHonolulu, HI
23Temple of Boom 4Saturday, March 7, 2009Palolo Hongwanji TempleHonolulu, HI
22New Beginning MauiFriday, February 27, 2009Maui War Memorial ComplexWailuku, HI
21Temple of Boom 3Sunday, February 15, 2009Palolo Hongwanji TempleHonolulu, HI
20Fight Night Mets Night Club 5Friday, November 28, 2008The O LoungeHonolulu, HI
19The CirqueWednesday, November 26, 2008The CirqueHonolulu, HI
18Temple of Boom 2Saturday, October 25, 2008Palolo Hongwanji TempleHonolulu, HI
17Temple of Boom 1Saturday, September 27, 2008Palolo Hongwanji TempleHonolulu, HI
16MMACSaturday, July 12, 2008Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
15LegendsFriday, May 16, 2008Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
14NVP Niko Vitale PromotionsFriday, April 18, 2008Dole Cannery BallroomHonolulu, HI
13Fight Club Meets Night Club 4Friday, February 29, 2008The O LoungeHonolulu, HI
12Champions 1Saturday, January 26, 2008Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
11XMA at the O LoungeFriday, November 30, 2007O Lounge Night ClubHonolulu, HI
11New BloodsFriday, November 9, 2007Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
10Fight Club Meets Night Club 3Friday, August 31, 2007O Lounge Night ClubHonolulu, HI
9Grand PrixSaturday, August 4, 2007Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
8Fight Club Meets Night Club 2Friday, June 29, 2007The O LoungeHonolulu, HI
7Fight Club Meets Night Club 1Friday, April 27, 2007The O LoungeHonolulu, HI
6Extreme Fighting 2Saturday, March 17, 2007Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
5Extreme Fighting 1Friday, October 6, 2006Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
4Battlegrounds 4Saturday, June 10, 2006Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
3Extreme Wars 2Saturday, March 18, 2006Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI
2Battlegrounds at the O Lounge 3Friday, December 16, 2005O Lounge Night ClubHonolulu, HI
2Battlegrounds at the O Lounge 2Friday, November 11 2005O Lounge Night ClubHonolulu, HI
1Extreme WarsSaturday, July 2, 2005Blaisdell ArenaHonolulu, HI

X1#56 : Mondala vs Ing September 14, 2019 Fight Results

X1#55: MMA Independence Day July 3 2019 Fight results

X1#54: Champions 4 April 27 2019 Fight Results

X1#52 : March Madness March 22 2019 Fight Results

X1#52 : March Madness March 22 2019 Fight Results

X1#51 : One To Remember January 19, 2019 Fight Results

X1#50 – 2 Nights of Fights – Day 2 August 4 2018 Fight Results

X1#50 – 2 Nights of Fights – Day 1 August 3, 2018 Fight Results

X1#49 : Grand Prix April 7 2018 Fight Results

X1#48.5 Star Elite Combat September 30, 2017 Fight Results

X1#48: Bradda vs Felony August 12, 2017 Fight  Results

X1#47 : Lopez vs Mahe June 24, 2017 Fight Results

X1#46 : Maui Ambriz vs Mahe April 29, 2017 Fight Results

X1#45 : Live January 26 2017 Fight Results

X1#44: X1 Returns (Sep 26, 2014) Fight Results

X1#43 : Jara vs Vitale September 26 2014 Fight Results

X1#42: Mayhem At The Mansion 4 (Feb 16 2013) Fight Results

X1#41: Rumble At The Resort (Mar 3, 2012) Fight Results

X1#40 Unstoppable September 23, 2011 Fight Results

X1#39 : Mike Balasi vs Van Oscar Penovaroff August 16, 2011 Fight Results

X1#38: Crossfire (Aug 13, 2011) Fight Results

X1#37 : Domination (Jul 22, 2011) Fight Results

X1#36: Champions 3 (Mar 12, 2011) Fight Results

X1#35: Heroes (Sep 11, 2010) Fight Results

X1#34: Island Pride (Nov 6, 2010) Fight Results

X1#33 Showdown in Waipahu 3 August 7 2010 Fight Results

X1#32: Showdown in Waipahu 2 (May 15, 2010) Fight Results

X1#31: Nations Collide (Jun 4, 2010) Fight Results

X1#30: Champions 2 Vitale vs Starnes (Mar 20, 2010) Fight Results

X1#29 Showdown in Waipahu 1 January 1, 2017 Fight results

X1#28: Lights Out Kona 2 (Nov 21, 2009) Fight Results

X1#27: Scuffle on Schofield 2 Nov 7 2009 Fight Results

X1#26: Scuffle on Schofield 1 (Jul 25, 2009) Fight Results

X1#25: Hyatt vs Penovaroff Kona 1 (May 9, 2009) Fight Results

X1#24: Temple of Boom 5 (Apr 11, 2009) Fight Results

X1#23: Temple of Boom 4 Mar 7, 2009 Fight Results

X1#22: New Beginning Maui (Feb 27, 2009) Fight Results

X1#21: Temple of Boom 3 (Feb 15, 2009) Fight Results

X1#20: Fight Club Meets Night Club 5 (Nov 28, 2008) Fight Results

X1#19: The Cirque (Nov 26, 2008) Fight Results

X1#18: Temple of Boom 2 (Oct 25 2008) Fight Results

X1#17 – Temple of Boom 1 Sep 27, 2008 Fight Results

X1#16: MMAC (Jul 12, 2008) Fight Results

X1#15: Legends May 16 2008 Fight Results

X1#14: NVP Niko Vitale Promotions April 18, 2008 Fight Results

X1#13: Fight club Meets Night Club 4 Feb 29, 2008 Fight Results

X1#12 : Champions 1 Jan 26, 2008 Fight Results

X1#11 XMA at O Lounge November 30, 2007 ( Fight Results)

X1#11: New Bloods Nov 9, 2007 Fight Results

X1#10: Fight Club Meets Night Club 3 August 31, 2007 Fight Results

X1#9: Grand Prix Aug 4 2007 Fight Results

X1#8: Fight Club Meets Night Club 2 Jun 29, 2007 Fight Results

X1#7: Fight Club Meets Night Club 1 Apr 27, 2007 Fight Results

X1#6: Extreme Fighting 2 Mar 17, 2007 Fight results

X1#5: Xtreme Fighting 1 Oct 6, 2006 Fight Results

X1#4: Battlegrounds 4 Jun 10, 2006 Fight Results

X1#3: Judgement Day / Extreme Wars 2 Mar 18, 2006 Fight Results

X1#2 : Battlegrounds at the O Lounge 3 Dec 16, 2005 Fight Results

X1#2: Battlegrounds at the Lounge 2 Nov 11 2005 Fight Results

X1#1: Extreme Wars July 2 2005 Fight Results