Unleash Da Beast :: Mayhem at Da Mansion 5 :: Feb 15, 2015

Ainofea Kauai MMA :: Release the Beast :: Feb 15, 2015

Get Ready Kauai to start the year off right with Live MMA in your backyard. Don’t wait to buy tickets this is gonna sell out fast.
We got our plane tickets and cameras ready!!! Can’t wait for Mayhem at da Mansion 5 Unleash da Beast

Ainofea Kauai Release the Beast

For more info on Ainofea click here

Lets start of the New year with a BANG and bust out the Main event for Mayhem at the Mansion in February!! KTI’s Pono Pananganan will battle for the belt -vs- Maki Pitolo. Maki is our current 170lbs belt holder who won last event vs Jason Camarillo, which all of you saw was another battle.

Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 9.50.10 AM

Nalu Hawelu of New Breed Kauai to battle Jonah Estrella of Team MMAD on Oahu!

Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 9.51.11 AM

Another Anticipated match up! Isaac Worth- out of Power House MMA to battle Hawaii Fighting arts Las Vegas- Penimaki Mateaki.

Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 9.52.05 AM

Abe Mohr out of KTI will face off against Evan Kaahea- Kapahi Top team! You dont want to miss this one either!!!

Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 9.52.56 AM

Here is another match up that will get the crowd pumping !!! Daylan Cummings out of Power House MMA -vs- Kenneth Dusablon – O2 on Oahu !! I told you this show was stacked! I Dont need any more reasons to convince you all to go!

Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 9.54.06 AM

This card is so big I still didnt put all the matches up yet! Here is a kickboxing bout with Kauai boy Kristopher Alcos from Kpal will fight against Wilbur Alvarez our of West Oahu MMA, Two up and coming talents for sure!!!

Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 9.55.13 AM

Nope not done yet! Here’s another bout! Willam Domen of West Oahu MMA to battle against Patrick Branch from Hawaii fighting Arts Las Vegas in another exciting kickboxing match!!! Talk about STACKED!

Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 9.56.17 AM

Here’s a note from the promoter on Ticket sales

I have been getting a lot of questions on how much tables and tickets we have left? Please call Peek-a-bootique (808-245-6688) to see if they have any left, they have the floor plan of the tables, and also the remaining VIP tickets. They are sold out on General and Ringside.
Pono market, Deli and Bread, and Wongs Restaurant should still have Ringside and General seating but its going quickly so you should get them while you can!

Destiny MMA :: Na Koa 8, Jan 17 2015

Destiny MMA in the mix again at the Blasidell Jan 17 2015. Stacked card of local talent and belts on the line.
Get ready for an action packed night of mixed martial arts in Hawaii. For more info Destiny-mma.com

 Na Koa 8 Fight Poster MMA

Click Here to watch Na Koa 8 on Demand

Watch X1 at Aloha Stadium on Demand

Destiny MMA at the Blaisdell Arena photos by honolulupulse.com

Fight line up

-Featherweight Title
Ryan Mulvihill (Spokane, WA) vs Ryan Delacruz (Hawaii Elite MMA)-180lbs Catchweight
Adam Smith (Spokane, WA) vs L John Borgess  (808 Top Team)

-140lbs Catchweight
Eduardo Torres (Seattle, WA) vs Arnold Berdon (West Oahu MMA)

-140lbs Catchweight
Dylan Morgan  (Spokane, WA)  vs Martin Day (Hawaii Elite MMA)

Shane Sargent (Oregon) vs Edward Thommes (Hawaii Elite MMA)

Jose Barreiro vs Micah Abreu (Hawaii Elite MMA)

-145lbs Title
Brandon Frasier (808 FF) vs Matt Lascola (O2MAA)

Ryan Mondola vs Manakiai Puahala

Adam Azimov vs Treston Reballiza (Hawaii Elite MMA)

Donovan Parilla (O2 MAA) vs Keoni Chang (Hawaii Elite MMA)

Aaron Rodrigues (United MMA) vs Anthony Marker

Stu Jones vs Joey Vonblankenburg

Micah Todd vs Joshua Coleon

Daichi Abe (United MMA) vs Simeon Crawford

-125 Women’s
Kendra Elizabeth Linn  vs Wanda Werner (SOMMA)

09/26/2014 :: The Return :: Aloha Stadium

X-1 World Events Presents

Jamie Jara vs Falaniko Vitale

The Return Live at Aloha Stadium
X1 Events at Aloha Stadium

1. MAIN EVENT- Pro/ Catch-Weight 190 lbs. 3 x 5 Min. Rounds
Jaime “El Cucui” Jara/ Carnage MMA (CA) vs. Falaniko Vitale/ Vitale MMA

2. SEMI- MAIN EVENT Pro/ 125 lbs. 3 x 5 Min. Rounds
“The Princess of Punishment” Misha Nassiri/ The Compound (CA) vs. Rachael Ostovich/ Jesus is Lord

3. Pro/ 170 lbs. 3 x 5 Min. Rounds
Blake troop/ The Compound (CA) vs. Collin “Monsoon” Mansanas/ Team MMAD

4. Pro/ 155 lbs. 3 x 5 Min. Rounds
Chris Kirtley/ Fight Syndicate (CA) vs. Kaleo “Lights Out” Kwan/ Team HiBred

5. Pro/ 155 lbs. 3 x 5 Min. Rounds
Jordan Bailey/ Carnage MMA (CA) vs. Robby “Supernatural” Ostovich/ Jesus is Lord

6. Pro/ Catch-Weight 149 lbs. 3 x 5 Min. Rounds
Jason “Nuk” Miknuk/ The Compound (CA) vs. Matt “Cowboy” Comeau/ Team MMAD

7. Pro/ 170 lbs. 3 x 5 Min. Rounds
Coates Cobb-Adams/ Boss MMA (Hilo) vs. Maki Pitolo/ West O’ahu MMA

8. Pro/ 145 lbs. 3 x 5 Min. Rounds
Spencer Higa/ Freelance vs. Ed Thommes/ Hawaii Elite MMA

9. Pro/ 145 lbs. 3 x 5 Min. Rounds
Nui Wheeler/ United MMA vs. Isaac Hopps/ Team MMAD

10. Pro/ 125 lbs. 3 x 5 Min. Rounds
Charlie “El Guerrero”Alaniz/ Boss MMA (Hilo) vs. Ian Dela Cuesta/ Hawaii Elite MMA

11. Amateur/ HW 2 x 3 Min. Rounds
Tipo “Pako” Lafaele/ Legacy Combat vs. Clint “Grizzly” Daniel/ Team MMAD

12. Amateur/ 135 lbs. 2 x 3 Min. Rounds
Jared Miyamoto/ United MMA vs. Joey Von Blankenburg/ Grappling Unlimited

13. Amateur/ 125 lbs. 2 x 3 Min. Rounds
Jair Rocha/ Horizon Muay Thai (Maui) vs. Shojin Miki/ HMC

14. Amateur/ 135 lbs. 2 x 3 Min. Rounds
Anthony Reyes/ Reyes Bros. MMA vs. Chad Billiamosa/ Team Top Rankin’

15. Amateur/ 205 lbs. 2 x 3 Min. Rounds
Andrew “Hammah” Sanchis/ AP Boxing (Hilo) vs. Alvin Kanehailua/ Freelance

16. Women’s Amateur/ 120 lbs. (Catch-Weight) 2 x 3 Min. Rounds
Angela Lee/ United MMA vs. Jada “The Pretty Assassin” Pereira/ Team Up n Up

17. Amateur/ 170 lbs. 2 x 3 Min. Rounds
Ka’u Eggers/ AP Boxing (Hilo) vs. Clem Halemano/ Freelance

18. Amateur/ 125 lbs. 2 x 3 Min. Rounds
“Ferocious” Federico Vento/ Havoc MMA (Hilo) vs. Jared Gonda-Young/ Team Mixed Plate

19. Pankration Bout/ Amateur/ 145 lbs. 2 x 3 Min. Rounds
Titus Strickland/ United MMA vs. Micah “The Strikah” Todd/ Team Top Rankin’

20. Kickboxing Bout/ Amateur/ 155 lbs. 3 x 2 Min. Rounds
Christian Lee/ United MMA vs. Charles Naone/ West O’ahu MMA

21. Kickboxing Bout/ Amateur/ 135 lbs. 3 x 1.5 Min. Rounds
Mana McAllister/ Total Control Kickboxing vs. Wilbur Alvarez/ West O’ahu MMA

* Card Subject to Change


X-1 World Events presents “The Return of X-1″ at Aloha Stadium

Sept 26, 2014


Main Event

Jamie “El Cucui” Jara def Falaniko Vitale via RNC rnd 2
X1 Pro MMA at Aloha Stadium 19


Semi Main Event

Rachel Ostovich def “The Princiess of Punishment” Misha Nassiri via armbar rnd 3
X1 Pro MMA at Aloha Stadium 18


170lb – Collin “Monsoon” Manasanas def Blake Troop via unanimous decision
X1 Pro MMA at Aloha Stadium 17


155lb – Kaleo “Lights Out” Kwan def Chris Kirtley via TKO rnd 1
X1 Pro MMA at Aloha Stadium 16


155lb – Jordan Baily def Robby “Supernatural” Ostovich via north/south choke rnd 2

X1 Pro MMA at Aloha Stadium 15


149lb Catch Weight – Matt “Cowboy” Comeau def Jason “Nuk” Miknuk via RNC rnd 1
X1 Pro MMA at Aloha Stadium 14


170lb – Maki Pitolo def Coats Cobb-Adams via unanimous decision
X1 Pro MMA at Aloha Stadium 13


145lb – Ed Thommes def Spencer Higa via RNC rnd 1
X1 Pro MMA at Aloha Stadium 12


125lb – Charlie “El Guerrero” Alaniz def Ian Dela Cuesta via unanimous decision

X1 Pro MMA at Aloha Stadium 10


145lb – Issac Hopps def Nui Wheeler via RNC rnd 1
X1 Pro MMA at Aloha Stadium 11

Amateur MMA Card

Heavyweight – Clint “Grizzly” Daniel def Tipo “Pako” Lafaele
X1 Pro MMA at Aloha Stadium 9


135lb – Jared Miyamoto def Joey Von Blankenburg
X1 Pro MMA at Aloha Stadium 8


125lb – Shojin Miki def Jair Rocha
X1 Pro MMA at Aloha Stadium 7


205lb – Andrew “Hammah” Sanchis def Alvin Kanehailua
X1 Pro MMA at Aloha Stadium 6


120lb Women Catch Weight – Angela Lee def Jada “The Pretty Assassin” Pereira
X1 Pro MMA at Aloha Stadium 5


170lb – Ka’u Eggers def Clem Halemano
X1 Pro MMA at Aloha Stadium 4


125lb – “Ferocious” Federico Vento def Jared Gonda
X1 Pro MMA at Aloha Stadium 3


Amateur Kickboxing

Christian Lee def Charles Naone

X1 Pro MMA at Aloha Stadium 2


Wilber Alvarez def Mana McAllister
X1 Pro MMA at Aloha Stadium 1

X-1 World Events MMA is back in action with “The Return” Friday September 26th at Aloha Stadium. Under new leadership with a new vision, X-1 is bringing to you the most stacked Mixed Martial Arts card Hawaii has seen in years.


Headlining this card is UFC and Bellator veteran, and the current X-1 Middleweight World Champion, Falaniko Vitale who puts his impressive 30-10 record against California’s Carnage MMA product and Strikeforce veteran, Jaime “El Cucui” Jara. Vitale has fought the world’s elite in mixed martial arts, but will be putting his skills to the ultimate test against, the Brazilian Jiu-Jiu-Jitsu black belt, and blue-collar brawler, Jaime Jara.


The Co-Main event features newly signed Invicta FC female fighter, Rachael Ostovich. The Team Jesus is Lord fighter, representing Mai’ili, Hawaii will have her hands full as she takes on the Middle Eastern “Princess of Punishment” Misha Nassiri who battles in and out of the cage as a military Sergeant by day and an MMA fighter by night. Guaranteed fireworks from these 2 highly touted pro prospects.


X-1 is also making this night a family affair as Rachael’s brother and Fiancé will be competing on the same card. Robby “Supernatural” Ostovich will be going toe-to-toe against 3-1 King of the Cage and Gladiator Challenge veteran Jordan Bailey in his biggest fight to date, and Arnold Berdon, will be making his pro debut against Tough-as-nails fighter Kelii Palencia.


Fan favorite Raquel Pa’aluhi, training out of Xtreme Couture in Vegas via Wai’anae, Hawaii, will also be on the card making her final cage appearance as a Hawaii resident and looks to leave Hawaii with a bang, but her opponent, cage veteran Tierra Arnold has plans to send her packing with a loss.


With over 20 bouts, top MMA talent from across the state of Hawaii will be competing on this amazing night of fights including Bellator veteran, Hilo’s Chris “The Maverick” Cisneros, Maui’s Jair Rocha, and top fighters from the island of O’ahu will be represented on this action packed card. Kaleo Kwan, Collin Mansanas, Nui Wheeler, Ian Dela Cuesta, Former UH football standout Clint Daniel, Tipo Lafaele, Jada Pereira, Angela Lee and many more… The Return of X-1 MMA – A NIGHT OF FIGHTS YOU DON’T WANNA MISS!


Tickets are on sale now and going fast @ www.x1events.com , Presale tickets are $40.00 for General Admission & $100.00 for VIP limited seating.  For more info call 951.323.3592


A BIG Thanks goes out to our sponsors.

X-1 World Events Hawaii MMA at its best

Coors Light proud sponsor of X1 World Events



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