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X1 #48 – August 12, 2017 “BRADDAH vs FELONY”

Cooper Retains Welterweight World Title with Knockout

By Kyle Galdeira
@kylegaldeira –Photos available at www.HawaiiMediaSource.com

Ray “Braddah” Cooper III has been a mainstay in the local mixed martial arts scene, and he hopes to raise his profile to the next level. After Saturday night’s impressive performance, he may be in line to do just that.

Cooper kept his Welterweight (170 lbs.) World Title with a convincing knockout victory over Charles “Felony” Bennett in the main event of the X-1 World Events MMA #48 at the Neal Blaisdell Arena. The fight, which was held before a crowd that nearly filled the arena’s lower bowl, was also broadcast live via pay-per-view.

Cooper was fired up early behind the support of the hometown crowd, and body-slammed his foe 20 seconds into the match. On the ground, Cooper controlled the action before sliding into an attempt at a guillotine choke.

Bennett countered, though, and delivered a series of low-impact punches to Cooper’s head and body. After the two returned to their feet, Cooper took Bennett down again, but another choke attempt was thwarted.

Cooper came out swinging to begin the second frame, and delivered a series of power punches to knock Bennett to the ground. Cooper locked in his third attempt at a choke-hold submission, but the stubborn Bennett remained calm as he looked for a way out.

Cooper delivered punch after punch, but Bennett rolled out and the two returned to the standing position until Cooper delivered the knockout blow: a knee-buckling left hook that dropped Bennett, and led to the fight being stopped 2 minutes and 48 seconds into the second round.

Thank you (Bennett) for coming out and challenging me,” Cooper said. “This belt is staying here until I get to the UFC. When I get there, you guys (currently fighting in the UFC) are going down, that’s my belt.”

I don’t remember what happened,” said Bennett, perhaps only half joking, who normally fights at 145 pounds. “I love you all, Hawai’i.”

CO-MAIN EVENT: Sale Sproat def. Rafael Brewster via KO at 50 seconds into first round, for Middleweight (185 lbs.) World Title (3X5 min. rounds)

Sproat made quick work of Brewster, using a punch to the left side of his foe’s head to halt the hitman early. After hitting the canvas, Brewster could not fight back, and the fight was stopped just 50 seconds after it started, much to the delight of the local fans who were supporting Sproat, a cowboy and rancher from Moloka‘i.

Thank you everybody who supported me, you know who you are,” Sproat said.

Russell “The Muscle” Mizuguchi def. Michael “Smash Boy“ Nakagawa via split decision, for State Flyweight (125 lbs.) Title (3×5 min. rounds)

Nakagawa was joined in his corner by UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway, and gained momentum early against a slower Mizuguchi. Nakagawa’s strikes cut Mizuguchi on the forehead and cheek, and he eventually took his opponent to the ground, and the round ended with fighters locked up on the canvas.

Mizuguchi took Nakagawa to the ground midway through the second round, and delivered a few punches and elbows to his foe’s head as he controlled the action. The remainder of the round was spent on the canvas with very little going on – the bell put a welcomed end to the stalemate.

The third round featured much more action as the fighters traded blows in the center of the ring. Mizuguchi caused a large welt under Nakagawa’s right eye. The two grappled on the canvas after Mizuguchi scored another takedown, and pinned his foe against the chain-link cage. Nakagawa escaped and attacked his tired opponent, delivering a series of punches before the final bell sounded. After going to the scorecards, the crowd appreciated both fighters’ efforts after the split decision was announced.

I came in as the underdog…Dana White, give me a call!” said Mizuguchi.

Bill Takeuchi def. Justin Hugo via TKO (referee stoppage) at 3:53 in third round, for Bantamweight (135 lbs.) World Title (3X5 min. rounds)

The combatants felt each other out over the first two minutes, and just moments after Takeuchi caused a cut on Hugo’s nose, the fight was halted as Hugo took a low blow via Takeuchi’s whip kick. Once the action resumed, Takeuchi controlled the pace and pinned Hugo against the cage before delivering a series of punches and knees to Hugo’s head, which combined to open a large gash on the opponent’s forehead.

With blood continuing to stream down his face, Hugo attempted to salvage any hopes of victory, but Takeuchi’s counters proved too effective. After opening a second cut over Hugo’s right eye, Takeuchi dropped his foe with a devastating punch and pummeled Hugo with relentless hammer punches. But, Hugo worked back to his feet, let out a yell and challenged Takeuchi to bring it. Takeuchi did just that, using a series of punches and elbows to open another large cut on Hugo’s face as blood streamed uncontrollably until the second round closed mercifully.

To his credit, Hugo returned for the final round and did his best to gain positive momentum. Takeuchi was ready, though, and fended off early attacks while conserving energy. After another knockdown blow delivered by Takeuchi, Hugo beckoned his opponent to come back with more and was promptly pummeled with another barrage of punches until the referee finally put an end to things 3 minutes and 53 seconds into the stanza.

Rudolph Schafforth def. Tipo Lafaele via head-and-arm choke 3:02 into first round, super heavyweight (3X5 min. rounds)

Two large humans squared off in this bout featuring two 260-plus pounders, which excited the crowd as the lumbering fighters traded destructive blows. Two minutes into the opening round, Schafforth connected with a vicious right-handed uppercut that dropped Lafaele. Schafforth then gained control of the local fighter and secured the submission via head-and-arm choke three minutes into the first round.

I know he’s a tough brawler, so I just tried to keep my chin down,” said Schafforth.

Juan Gonzalez def. Kaeo Meyer via unanimous decision, lightweight (155 lbs.) professional bout (3X5 min. rounds)

In a shocking decision to start the Main Card, Meyer fell via unanimous decision despite controlling the action throughout the fight. Meyer took control early with multiple strikes to the head, then braved a few big counters from Gonzalez. Meyer’s wicked right hook left a large cut under Gonzalez’ right eye as blood streamed down the foe’s face. Gonzalez did not give in, though, and ran the local fighter into the cage as the fighters flopped to the canvas. Meyer countered, though, and gained position to land a handful of overhand punches to end the first round.

Meyer got caught with a few solid punches to lead off the second frame, and suffered a bloody lower lip as a result. The action was halted briefly due to a low blow delivered by Gonzalez, who was issued an initial warning for the infraction. Meyer then opened a second cut on Gonzalez’ face, this one over his left eye. After absorbing a wicked kick to the chin, Meyer regained control and delivered multiple right hooks to Gonzalez’ head before the two opponents traded a flurry of blows as the round ended.

The final round featured more back-and-forth action as Gonzalez went for the knockout blow via haymaker punches and a roundhouse kick attempt. Mayer was stunned a few times after being smacked in the chin, but kept his feet and countered his opponent effectively. Meyer kept his distance, presumably believing he had the fight in had as long as he could avoid being knocked out, which he accomplished as he further bloodied Gonzalez’ face.


Davy Malaythong submitted Daylan Cummings in a 170-pound bout just 15 seconds into the final preliminary fight. A corner attendant said Cummings tapped out after suffering a separated shoulder.

In the night’s first preliminary bout, Cyro Edayan defeated Julio Moreno via unanimous decision in a 145-pound fight. Edayan used a combination of strikes to wear down his opponent and fended off a last-minute submission attempt

X-1 World Events has helped launch the mixed martial arts careers of multiple elite-level fighters including the UFC’s current Featherweight Champion Max Holloway as well as former UFC champion Dan “The Beast” Severn.

X1 World Events Hawaii MMA Cage Fighting

Weigh In Friday Aug 11 @ 4pm at the Blaisdell Arena

Ray “Braddah” Cooper III vs Felony Charles Bennett

Sale Sporat vs Rafael Brewster

Michael Nakagawa vs Russell Mizuguchi

Bill Takeuchi vs Justin Hugo

Tipo Lafaele vs Rudolph Schafforth

Kaeo Meyer vs Juan Gonzalez

Davy Malaythong vs Daylan Cummings

Cyru Edayan vs Julio Moreno



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X1 #47 Fight Results

In a valiant attempt to up the standards of MMA in Hawaii, X1 MMA #47 did not disappoint.

HONOLULU, HAWAII- Blaisdell Arena June 24, 2017
by Bryanna “Pink Ranger” Fissori

A full card of entertaining matches kept the Blaisdell audience engaged as well as nation and international fans watching on the live feed. This early summer show is the prelude for what’s to come for the next show on August 12th when matches won and lost on the June card serve as catalysts for bouts to come, titles to be won and fights years in the making finally coming to fruition.


Main Event

Lolohea Mahe defeated Raymond Lopez via Unanimous Decision

Pro Mma SHW 3X5 Minute Rounds

When big boys fight, there is always a good chance that whoever has the best cardio will literally be the last man standing. Round one was a lot of wall work with positions switching on the cage and not allowing space for either to throw the dangerous heavy punches expected of the big boys. Moving someone else’s mass around the cage is exhausting at any weight class, and both fighters were showing signs of fatigue by the end of round one.

The second round was very similar to the first, with both fighters jockeying for cage position.

Round three was the make-or-break and Mahe made it happen late in the round securing the takedown against the cage and landing significant punches from the half guard just in time to steal the win.


Co Main Event

Tony Lopez defeated Tipo Lafaele via Unanimous Decision 

Pro Mma SHW 3X5 Minute Rounds

Lopez started the bout kicking but a slip early on put him his back and the ground and pound from Lafale nearly ended t the fight in the first minute. Lopez was able to grab the heel of Lafaele setting up for a kneebar. Though unsuccessful, it bought him the time to recover. The striking pace stayed surprisingly high for heavyweights with Lafaele landing and Lopez taking the storm. The tides changes toward the middle of the round with Lopez landing several hard blows that seems to slow Lafaele, who was then backed to the cage and met with knees and elbows that took them to the bell at the end of round one.

To start round two, Lopez came out kicking again and landed to the head of Lafaele, causing a little more blood to grace the mat, though Lafaele remained composed. Lopez was able to score the takedown half way through the round and maintain back control landing significant strikes. Once he was able to get both hooks in and flatten out Lafaele it looked like the show could be over. Lafalele recovered to his side but was quickly mounted and Lopez set up for the arm triangle. Lafalele defended and was saved by the bell.

Constant pressure from Lopez gave little room for error as Lafaele was backed to the cage for another barrage of knees. Lopez was able to pull off another takedown and maintain top control with smooth transitions and ground and pound, easily winning the third round and the unanimous decision.

Tony Lopez defeated Tipo Lafaele via Unanimous Decision

Isaac Hopps defeated Daniel Friend via Unanimous Decision 

Pro Mma 145lbs 3X5 Minute Rounds

Landing the takedown early in round one, Friend worked hard strikes to the body as Hopps worked to control Friends’s posture from the closed guard. Hopps used the wall to get up, opening up a large cur over the outer eyebrow of Friend I the struggle. The technical stand up trade from these two harnessed the agility of lighter fighters backed with power that seemed much heavier than their weight class.

Hooks, hooks and more hooks. These two both wanted to play in the pocket. Friend kept Hopps hanging out on the ouside of the cage, which worked wonders for the takedown setup. Hopps didn’t stay down long, though on his way up Friend landed a notable knee to the face. The second round ended with Friend in the guard of Hopps, maintaining position until the bell.

Hopps started utilizing longer punches in the third, which seemed to be finding their mark and Friend worked to acclimate to the new range. Hopps seemed to be making a conscious effort to keep his back off the cage, but still found himself caught there about half way into the round and stuck on his back for the remainder of the bout, where he landed punches from the closed guard and won the unanimous decision, which was seemingly controversial in the eyes of many fans. This would be a great rematch for X1 to host.

Isaac Hopps defeated Daniel Friend via Unanimous Decision

Kaeo Meyers defeated Paul Lopes via 1st Round KO 

Pro Mma 155lbs 3X5 Minute Rounds

I’m going to be honest, even though this fight was short (approximately 25 seconds), I missed most of it because I was wiping the blood off of my laptop and arms.

Kaeo Meyers defeated Paul Lopes via 1st Round KO

Justus Faaiu defeated Paul Norman via Unanimous Decision 

Pro Mma 205lbs 3X5 Minute Rounds

Norman came in looking for the takedown and was able to make it happen within the first minute of action. Transitioning into a modified backmount Norman was riding high forcing the armbar attempt as the only option he slide off the front. Though the attempt unsuccessful, Norman maintained pressure in the ensuing scramble. The remainder of the round was spent with Norman throwing punches from backmount with Faaiu defending the occasional rear naked choke threat.

Might as well stick with what works. Norman came out in the second round with the same original game plan, taking the fight to the ground. Faaiu managed to transition into Norman’s guard for a brief time before Norman stood up with the immediate intention of getting it back down. Countered with a sprawl from Faaiu, Faui was able to unleash significant ground and pound toward the end of the round, which was likely enough to make it  1 and 1 on the score cards going into the 3rd.

Having gotten a taste of dominant position, Faaui came out looking for blood in the last round. Norman held full guard while Faaui landed sttrkes to the body. After passing the guard, Faaui threw some significant elbows from side control, mounted and tried to seal the deal. Norman was obviously losing steam and struggling to defend and advance, but with less than a minute to go, Norman mustered enough in the gas tank or the sweep and a short ground and pound barrage of his own. It was not enough to take the round and Faaiu went home with the unanimous decision victory.

Justus Faaiu defeated Paul Norman via Unanimous Decision

Under card


Federico Vento defeated Joey Vonblankenburg via Unanimous Decision

Amateur Mma 125lbs 3X3 Minute Rounds SEC Vacant Title

Federico Vento defeated Joey Vonblankenburg via Unanimous Decision

Namakana Pakala defeated Marcus Gamble via Unanimous Decision

Amateur Mma 205lbs 3X3 Minute Rounds SEC Vacant Title


Namakana Pakala defeated Marcus Gamble via Unanimous Decision

Donovan Parrilla defeated Ioane Kim via Unanimous Decision

Amateur Mma 135lbs 3X3 Minute Rounds SEC Vacant Title

Donovan Parrilla defeated Ioane Kim via Unanimous Decision

Chris Randoplh defeated Chuck Amerson via 1stRound Guillotine Choke

Amateur Mma 170lbs 3X3 Minute Rounds SEC Vacant Title

Chris Randoplh defeated Chuck Amerson via 1stRound Guillotine Choke

Roy Cooper defeated Titus Strickland via Split Decision

Amateur Mma 155lbs 3X3 Minute Rounds SEC Vacant Title


Roy Cooper defeated Titus Strickland via Split Decision

Joe Manuia defeated Devin Yamada via doctor stoppage (cut over eye) 

Amateur Mma 135lbs 3X3 Minute Rounds

Joe Manuia defeated Devin Yamada via doctor stoppage (cut over eye)

Kyle Kaahanui defeated Daylan Cummings via Arm Triangle choke 1st Round

Amateur Mma 170lbs 3X3 Minute Rounds

Kyle Kaahanui defeated Daylan Cummings via Arm Triangle choke 1st Round

Lopaka Lono defeated Dane Polas via Unanimous Decision

Amateur Mma 155lbs 3X3 Minute Rounds

Lopaka Lono defeated Dane Polas via Unanimous Decision

Mike Fowler defeated Brandon Fraser via TKO 1stRound

Amateur MMA 160lb 3 x3 Minute Rounds

Mike Fowler defeated Brandon Fraser via TKO 1stRound


Brandon Madamba defeated Taylor Mamiya via RNC in 2nd Round 

MMA 135lb 3 x 3 Minute Rounds

Brandon Madamba defeated Taylor Mamiya via RNC in 2nd Round

Cyru Edayan defeated Shaun Somera v Unanimous Decision

Cyru Edayan defeated Shaun Somera v Unanimous Decision

Mahalo to Xclusive MMA and Bryanna Fissori for the results write up

Could Hawaii host the UFC?

UFC Max Holloway with Victory

Hawaii has hosted major sporting events before, but what about a UFC bout?

Is there enough interest and money to bring the fight to the islands?

Hawaii is known as a place for sun, sand and surf, but some also want the islands to also be known for its sporting events.

Hosting a UFC bout would help with that image.

Max Holloway UFC Hawaii

Hawaii spends big bucks to market sporting events in the islands.
Last year alone, $6 million went toward big tournaments like the Sony Open, which had days of international coverage, to much smaller events like Duke’s Oceanfest.
Many other sporting events also want some of the state’s money and marketing.

“We’ve had U.S. Curling come to talk about doing something on the ice. We take each thing as it comes and think about objectives as a state. How are we going to best market our state? What is it going to do for visitors, and for residents? Because that is an important factor as well,” said Leslie Dance, Hawaii Tourism Authority Vice President of Marketing and Product Development.

The state isn’t just looking for the biggest events, but wants to spread the interest and funding among various sports. Ones that people watch or participate in, like the Honolulu Marathon.

“We think of it as a portfolio approach. There may be a signature event, a marque event, a Hawaii authentic event and something you come to participate in,” said Dance.

Newly crowned featherweight champion Max Holloway called for a UFC event to be held at Aloha Stadium, the biggest venue in the state.
It has been a while since the stadium was filled to capacity for a sporting event.
it can hold 50,000 people in the stands, plus thousands more on the field in closer ringside seats.

Aloha Stadium has hosted MMA events before, including one put on by X1 World Events in 2014.
That event drew a crowd of around two thousands fans, but organizers of X1 said a UFC event would be different.

“If you had that event, you would have to figure out how the entire island of Oahu would fit in the stadium.
Plus you have 6 other islands backing Max and backing fighting. So, do we add more stands, put people on the roof, hang them from planes? What are we going to do?” asked X1 World Events promoter Alii Kaanoi.

Holloway fought for X1, rising quickly through the ranks to become its youngest champion.
He won the hearts of many fans, in Hawaii and around the world.
While local MMA fans feel a fight on Hawaiian soil would be a big boost for the islands, some feel Holloway’s victory is already a tremendous help to the sport.

“This is just the beginning, not even the tip of the iceberg, but it is going to grow enormously,” added Kaanoi.

A spokesman for Aloha Stadium said even during the fall or winter when the high school and college football season is going on, the UFC event could still be held. Because there is always a day or two that is open.

Meanwhile, the Hawaii Tourism Authority will have to see a proposal by a promoter before it decides whether to contribute state money and marketing to a UFC event.

full story at http://www.kitv.com/story/35596015/could-hawaii-host-a-ufc-event?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_KITV