The Revenge of Dr Carnage Hawaii’s Haunted Attraction


Scream808 returns to Kaka‘ako for Halloween 2015 with two haunted attractions

The Revenge of Dr. Carnage and The Zombie Uprising

(Honolulu, HI) – This Halloween, Scream808 returns to Kaka‘ako with two interactive Haunted Attractions for the price of one, “The Revenge of Dr. Carnage” haunted house and “The Zombie Uprising” shooting gallery.

In 2014, Dr. Carnage’s House of Horrors took fright fans on a face to face journey with their worst fears and the gruesome reality of one man’s transformation from mild mannered doctor to an obsessed nightmare creator. Dr. Carnage has become completely insane crafting his own workshop of terrifying creations. Before you experience “The Revenge of Dr. Carnage” you should ask yourself: What do you fear? What might be lurking inside of you? And what will happen when Dr. Carnage gets ahold of it…?

“We’ve taken Haunted Houses to a whole new level and now we’re ready to come back to town to give everyone some amazing scares that nobody has ever seen before,” said organizer Doug Farrar. Farrar continued “Our guests will get caught in the Spinning Vortex, get crushed in the Claustrophobia Room and more. Plus, We’re bringing zombie shooting to town with The Zombie Uprising. Our customers will be treated to two experiences for the price of one.”

Open dates for “The Revenge of Dr. Carnage” and “The Zombie Uprising” Haunted Attractions are October 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, 31, & *1. The hours of operation are 7pm-closing with closing times varying from 11pm-1am. Scream808 Haunted Attractions will be located at 445 Cooke Street across from Fisher Hawaii. 12 and Over welcome. Wheelchair access available. **November 1st is the blackout walkthrough with no lights and customers will walk with glowsticks

Pre-sale tickets are available for $15 at Bookoff locations in Ala Moana and Pearlridge, All military ticket outlets, Razor Concepts, Taste Tea on Kapiolani and UH Campus Center, 76-Kailua and Pre-sale fast-pass tickets will only be available via upgrade at the door.

Sponsorship and fundraising opportunities are currently available. Interested parties may contact The Scream Team at For discounts and additional information visit

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The Revenge of Dr. Carnage
The Zombie Uprising

October 23rd – Nov 1st @ 445 Cooke St. Across from Fisher Hawaii

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