11/9/07 :: “New Bloods” (Blaisdell)

Story By: Breezy – MMAHawaii.com Fight Analyst
For an event that had only 6 weeks to come together, the sold out seats speak for themselves. With most of the card made up of amateur talent, the fans got their fare share of action and entertainment. The event started with some pre-fight entertainment as well as more during the intermissions by Oooklah and the Moc, B.E.T and Be On Paradise.

The night started at a blazing pace, with the first few fights ending quickly. In the 140lb tournament the bouts were 1 round. For some it was enough, but for others a second round could have easily changed the tides of some of the bouts. Keola Silva showed strong ground work to put away his 3 opponents enroute to the 140lb Tournament Title.

For the rest of the amateur bouts Sean Sakata, Herman Santiago, Cisco Bringas, Collin Mansanas and Kawika Paul made quick work of their opponents. Most bouts ended near the 1 minute mark. The only bout to make it the full distance was Kaniela Ahnee’s win over Jon Barnard.
Crowd favorite Doug Hiu had the crowd going with his first round domination of Analu Brash. Round 2 proved to be just the opposite, Hiu’s takedown attempt was stuffed early by Brash. Brash ended up on top and worked some great ground and pound before submitting the very tough Doug Hiu. Brash’s efforts won him the vacant X1 Heavyweight Title.

The highly anticipated match between Dirty Curty (Curtis Pedro) and Brennan Kamaka proved disappointing to the fans. Although it was a great win for Kamaka, after all the hype the crowd just expected more.

Kana Hyatt survived a vicious ground and pound attack by X1 champion Ed Newalu, and was able to pull out the win by rear naked choke.

In the main event Hawaii’s own Mark Moreno lost in very hard fought non-title bout against UFC veteran Chad Reiner. Moreno dominated the 1st round landing some huge blows to Reiner, but all those hard shots came with a price for Moreno. Going into the 2nd round Moreno fought with a broken hand and the momentum turned to Reiner who was able to end the night for Moreno with a Kimura at 3:33 in round 2.


Story by: Sherdog.com HONOLULU, Nov. 9, 2007
X-1 World Events teamed up with local radio station 102.7 Da Bomb to bring a night of local music and mixed martial arts to fight fans at Honolulu’s Neal S. Blaisdell Arena. In the evening’s main event, UFC veteran Chad Reiner took on local brawler Mark Moreno (Pictures) in a welterweight match. Moreno, nicknamed “The Knockout Artist” and known for his predilection toward ending fights on the feet, found himself in top position for most of the first frame after reversing a pair of takedown attempts from Reiner. The Bull’s Pen fighter worked an effective ground-and-pound game from Reiner’s half-guard, doing damage with his viscous right hand. “He was hitting me hard,” Reiner told Sherdog.com after the bout. “I can tell you for a fact he hits harder than Josh Burkman (Pictures).” But as effective as it was, Moreno paid for his heavy usage of his right hand. “I definitely broke it in that first round,” a disappointed Moreno said. The second round started, and the two fighters took turns clinching along the ropes, with Moreno landing the better shots on the inside and when they took to the center of the ring. “I knew I had to get him down,” Reiner said. Reiner finally got what he was looking for, picking up a single-leg takedown and putting Moreno on his back. He gave Moreno no breathing room as he smothered the Hawaiian fighter and gained full mount. From there Reiner kept the pressure on, using a high mounted position to strike to the sides of Moreno’s head and patiently work on a kimura that forced Moreno to tap at 3:33 of the second round. “I think I’ll be back in Hawaii on January 26,” Reiner said after his win. “They want me to rematch Moreno for the belt.”

In 135-pound title action, Kana Hyatt (Pictures) upset champion Ed Newalu (Pictures) to become the new X-1 titleholder. Newalu came out blazing and quickly scored a double-leg takedown. He then employed a powerful ground-and-pound arsenal of punches and elbows. “I’ve got plenty heart,” Hyatt told Sherdog.com. “I ain’t going down to just punches. You gonna have to knock me out to take me out.” Hyatt, who is coming off a stunning knockout victory of Duke Sarigosa (Pictures) just last month, did the best he could to avoid damage as the referee looked on carefully. As Newalu kept up his elbow assault, Hyatt saw his chance to turn the tides. “He was coming high with the elbow, so I slipped under and took his back,” Hyatt explained. With both hooks in, Hyatt worked endlessly for the choke. He was finally rewarded for his efforts when he slipped his left forearm deep under Newalu’s chin and squeezed until the former champion tapped at 3:23.

The highly hyped “grudge match” between Brennan Kamaka (Pictures) and Curtis “Dirty Curty” Pedro couldn’t have ended more anticlimactically. The two fighters, who leading up to the bout had built interest in the fight with an Internet feud, threw limited strikes early while circling the center of the ring. Finally Kamaka, who had vowed to keep the fight standing, shot in for a takedown and eventually dragged his opponent to the mat, where he quickly secured the mount. The fighter known as “Dirty Curty” attempted to escape and ended up with his head partially caught under the ropes. Kamaka, still in mount, began raining down punches through the ropes that found their mark on his Pedro’s face. Referee Chris West halted the action to restart the fighters away from the ropes, but when Kamaka stood up, Pedro grabbed at his face in pain and stated that he could not continue. The referee was forced to stop the bout just 1:17 into the first.

Up-and-coming local heavyweights Analu Brash and Doug Hiu went to war in hopes of capturing the vacant heavyweight strap. In the opening round, Hiu set the pace by scoring takedowns and punishing Brash with strikes and an attempted choke. But Brash evened it up when he reversed the MMA Development fighter and began to attack from the top, scoring with knees to the head before the round expired. The second frame was all Brash. The fighter from Maui stuffed a takedown attempt from Hiu to gain top position and eventually the mount. Then Brash worked a solid ground-and-pound game and secured the tap-inducing Americana at 1:41 of the second round.

The night also featured a slew of exciting amateur matches, including an eight-man 140-pound Grand Prix style tournament that Keola Silva captured.

Amateur Matches (2 x 3-min. rounds)
Sean Sakata def. Ben Santiago via submission (RNC) 0:53 R1
Kawika Paul def. Jordan Patterson via TKO (injury) 0:40 R1
Herman Santiago def. Shaison Laupola via submission (guillotine choke) 0:44 R1
Collin Mansanas def. Kris Knight via TKO (punches) 1:58 R1
Steve Farmer def. Kyle Kaahanui via submission (neck crank/choke) 2:52 R1
Kaniela Ahnee def. John Bernard via split decision
Cisco Bringas def. Micah Ige via submission (armbar) 1:47 R1

Eight-man 140-pound Amateur Grand Prix Tournament (1 x 3-min. round)
Opening Round Willie DelaCerna def. Colin Mackenzie via decision
Keola Silva def. Chris Kutzen via decision
Jared Iha def. Jay Bolos via Submission (RNC) 1:00 R1
William Armstrong def. Nui Wheeler via split decision

Silva def. Delacerna via decision
Iha def. Mackenzie via submission (modified Americana) 1:26 R1 (Armstrong could not continue; Mackenzie took his place)

Silva def. Iha via decision

8/4/07 :: “2007 Grand Prix” (Blaisdell)

WT = World Title, ST = State Title, AT = Amateur Title

1 Rob Hesia Def Brennan Kamaka TKO (Strikes) 3:00 2 PRO MMA

2 Michael Brightmon Def Cory Gifford Unanimous Decision 5:00 1 Grand Prix

3 Derek Thornton Def Robin Clark Submission via triangle 3:22 1 Grand Prix

4 Chris Bernard Def Kimo Lani Submission due to strikes 3:58 1 Grand Prix

5 Maui Wolfgramm Def Andre Shaolin Unanimous decision 5:00 1 Grand Prix

6 Michael Brightmon Def Derek Thornton Unanimous decision 5:00 1 Grand Prix

7 Andre “Shaolin” Def Chris Bernard Submission via guillotine 0:00 0 Grand Prix

8 Tait Fletcher Def Augie Padeken Split decision 5:00 2 PRO MMA

9 Brenton Wolf Def Bu Nahiwawa TKO strikes from the mount 2:36 1 PRO MMA

10 Brandon Wolf Def Shu Nahiwawa TKO strikes from the mount 3:02 1 PRO MMA

11 Michael Brightmon Def Andre Shaolin Unanimous decision 5:00 1 Grand Prix

12 Mark Moreno NC Ross Ebanez No Contest 0:00 0 PRO MMA

13 Falaniko Vitale Def Steve Renaud TKO (Strikes) 0:43 1 PRO MMA

14 Marcelo Tiger Def Vernon White TKO due to an hand injury 3:26 1 PRO MMA

X1 -Xtreme Fighting- Saturday, August 04, 2007, Honolulu,

Hawaii Rob Hesia 190lbs defeats Brennan Kamaka 190 lbs (Stopped by Judge)

Tait Fletcher 205lbs defeat Augie “The Warrior” Padeken 205lbs (by decision)

Brenton Wolf 170lbs defeats Bu Nahiwawa 170lbs (Stopped by Judge)

Brandon Wolf 170lbs defeats Shu Nahiwawa 170lbs (Stopped by Judge)

Wesley Cabbage Coreirra 265lbs forfeited this fight to Deutsch Puu 265lbs (Cabbage made an announcement that he wasn’t able to fight due to an injury and forfeited this fight)

Mark Moreno 170lbs vs Ross Da Boss Ebanez 170lbs (No Contest)

 Niko Vitale defeats Steve Renaud (TKO by Niko)

Tigre Marcelo defeats Vernon Tiger White (White broke his hand during the fight)

X1 -MMA Grand Prix- 8 man open weight tournament

Michael Brightmon defeats Cory Gifford

Derek Thornton defeats Robin Clark

Chris Bernard defeats Kimo Lani

Maui Wolfram defeats Andre Shaolin (Woflgramm later forfeited due to broken rib and Shaolin moved to the next round)

Michael Brightmon defeats Derek Thornton

Andre Shaolin defeats Chris Bernard

Michael Brightmon defeats Andre Shaolin and wins the MMA Grand Prix.

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